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The Ancient Mariner

Type of outlet: Pub/Restaurant

Location: Old Hunstanton

Name of employee and position: Carl Godfrey, Food and Beverage Manager

Heinz products used:Table top bottles, sachets, caddies and ramekins

We use Heinz products as they are a household name that everyone recognises and associates with a top quality product.

Having a high turnover of customers including lots of families, delicious products with no artificial colours or flavourings are some of the reasons why parents choose the Heinz Tomato Ketchup brand in home, and us for their family dining out of home. Table tidies and sachet holders are great for alfresco dining. In our pub and restaurant we also use the branded ramekins and caddies to ensure that our diners recognise that good quality food along with good quality accompaniments that ensure a pleasurable experience - 300-400 happy diners a day cannot be wrong!