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Carlo's Alnwick

Type of outlet: Fish and Chip Shop

Location: Alnwick

Name of employee and position: Adam Alexander (partner)

Heinz products used: Beanz and SqueezMe! pods

At “Carlo’s” we have always used the best quality products so when we decided to introduce beans onto our menu Heinz Beanz were the obvious choice. We put up a branded sign in the window to introduce the new product and had a lunch time ‘Cheesy Chips and Heinz Beanz’ offer which was extremely popular with the local school kids!

Our sauce sales have also increased since we started selling SqueezMe! pods. We now stock Mayonnaise, Tartare and Tomato Ketchup. We charge a higher price for these and are selling lots more! Our customers enjoy having a selection of flavours to go with their fish and chips.