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July 2016

To help celebrate the summer, we’ve created 10 great recipes to add a little magic to your summer. With the help of Andy Bacon and partners Our Summer of Magic recipes aim to be the stars of your menu this season. We’ve used on-trend flavours to help you stay on top of your game and are designed to deliver strong cash margin with each dish showcasing its own classic Heinz sauce. What’s more, they’re really simple to put together. Watch them magically come to life in our videos below. You can also download the recipe card to use when you need them

Summer of Magic Recipes 

Ultimate Salt Beef Sandwich with Pickles & Yellow Mustard


Smoke-House Style Pulled Brisket of Beef, Classic BBQ Sauce Sliders or Buns  

Chunky Posh Sausage Rolls - Sausage Meat, Shoulder Mince, Pulled Pork, Pancetta Rolls Baked in Crisp Puff Pastry Served Simply with Ketchup  

Chicken, bacon & avocado sandwich - poached chicken, maple cured bacon, avocado & mayo toasted sour dough sandwich  

Banh Mi baguette with Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayo & Sweet Chilli Sauce (Video) 

Chicken Filo Pot Pie with pancetta and mushrooms  

Slow Cooked Beef Ribs with a walnut and blue cheese salad  

Classic Beef Sandwich with Heinz Yellow Mustard and beef stock dip  

Grilled Peri-Peri spiced chicken with garlic potatoes  

Pulled Chicken, Chorizo and Feta Tortilla  

Rainbo Potato Salad – brought to you by Rainbo Street Food  

Russian Dressing – brought to you by Seven Bridges Deli  

Spicy Salsa – brought to you by Forked  

Tricolour Slaw – brought to you by Gourmet Griffin  

Toasted Reuben sandwich with pastrami and Swiss Cheese – brought to you by Jabberwocky